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Apollo Brown - Dirt in The Cracks Vol. 2

Apollo Brown - Dirt in The Cracks Vol. 2


Apollo Brown - Dirt in The Cracks Vol. 2


Drums. There's obviously nothing like good drums. When you hear that crack of a snare that turns your face into mud, or the thump of a kick that sounds like the heartbeat of a whale, it can be orgasmic for people like us.


The bones, the skeleton of the beat. The driving force behind what keeps your neighbors mad at you at night. The shit is great.


I've been asked a thousand times when I'm going to give the beatmakers another drum kit. Honestly, I don't HAVE another drum kit. I don't sit and put together different drum kits like other producers.


I just don't. I have a folder...of good dirty ass drum sounds. Pretty standard. But, what I can do this time around, is share with you a continuation of the first kit, a second volume if you will. These are just my drums. Everything I believe in remains the same.


Consistency, simplicity, and reliability through sound. I still gravitate towards these couple hundred drum sounds to this day. They've worked from the start, and continue to help maintain my sound.


Just like I said the first time around, there's nothing flashy about this kit, there's no gimmicks or reinvention of the wheel, just straight forward gritty drums for the common blue collar producer. I’ve kept these hits raw and unprocessed in order for you, as a beat maker, to build them up in your own way. Here you go...


Kit Features 285 Samples:

  • 35 Dirt Fills
  • 55 Dirt Hats (40 Closed/15 Open)
  • 45 Dirt Kicks
  • 15 Dirt Rolls
  • 20 Extra Dirt (Random Samples)
  • 115 Dirt Snares

Enter Apollo Brown:

The contemporary producer legend known for his gritty drums and meticulous sample flips, Apollo Brown has produced for the likes of OC, Ras Kass, Joell Ortiz, Ghostface Killah, Skyzoo, Danny Brown, MOP, Roc Marciano, Guilty Simpson, Planet Asia, and Westside Gunn just to name a few

Apollo Brown - Dirt in The Cracks Vol. 2


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