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Untold Stories (Cinematic Vocals)

Untold Stories (Cinematic Vocals)


Untold Stories (Cinematic Vocals)


"Untold Stories (Cinematic Vocals)" by Splice. This evocative vocal sample pack is a treasure trove of haunting melodies, stirring harmonies, and captivating vocals that transport listeners to a world of cinematic grandeur, narrative exploration, and sonic emotion.


Key Features:

Vocal Elegance: Immerse yourself in the elegance of cinematic vocals that weave tales of mystery, drama, and passion, delivering emotive performances, enchanting melodies, and powerful vocals that evoke a sense of wonder and enchantment in your music productions.


Narrative Depth: Explore vocals with narrative depth that carry listeners on a journey of storytelling, character development, and emotional resonance, enriching your compositions with layers of meaning, texture, and sentiment that captivate the listener's imagination.


Splice has launched a brand new title in the “Montage by Splice” series of cinematic sample packs created by composers and industry professionals.


Cinematic Vocals: Untold Stories features over 200 vocals and melodic sounds by Kathryn Shuman and Dhruv Goel, who’ve recorded a cacophony of vocal expressions, melodies, pads, drones, and choruses (both male, female, and mixed) that are guaranteed to give a profound cinematic feel to your next track or score.


Impactful, moving, and expression filled vocals are the bedrock for many compelling film and TV scores. Vocals can act as a foundational bed for an array of melodies swirling above, or express a specific feeling (eerie, sorrowful, uplifting) to any scene with the personal touch of human emotion through voice. Never before has such a robust collection of vocals been compiled at Splice specifically designed for a cinematic experience.


Untold Stories is available to Splice subscribers. Other titles in the series include Golden Grain: Foreboding Folk, Light Refractions: Celestial Ambient, Secrets In The Air: Cinematic Percussion, Pins and Needles: Haunting Vocals, Cloud Splitter: Modern Minimalism, Willow Creek: Indie Cinema, Heart and Breath: Ambient Hypnotic, and Around The Sun: Sci-Fi Dreams.

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