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X10 - Purple Hearts - Trapsoul & RNB

X10 - Purple Hearts - Trapsoul & RNB

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X10 - Purple Hearts - Trapsoul & RNB


At a time when drill and trap music have claimed their stake in pop music, X10 provides the energy of rap music's most buzzing and groundbreaking music scenes, curated by UK producer & engineer Yvng Face. Based in London and working with established creators with a deep knowledge of the genre, we create and produce authentic genre drum kits and melody loops that drill and trap producers demand.


Introducing "Purple Hearts - Trapsoul & RNB" by X10, a meticulously curated sample pack designed to elevate your music production. This collection offers a diverse selection of emotive sounds, empowering you to craft authentic Trapsoul and R&B compositions.

**Melodic Songstarters:**

Jumpstart your creative process with our thoughtfully crafted songstarters. These musical sketches provide a solid foundation for your next Trapsoul or R&B project.

**Emotional Melodic Loops:**

Explore a world of emotional depth with our melodic loops. Stacked and layered loops, with all the vibe and processing built in.

**Instrumental Stems:**

Enhance your music with our instrumental loops, including captivating piano melodies, synths and evocative keys.

**Soulful Vocals:**

Infuse life into your music with soulful vocals that resonate with the essence of R&B. These vocal samples add a genuine emotional layer to your compositions.

**Mesmerizing Synths:**


Craft dreamy atmospheres and captivating melodies with our synth sounds. These synths are expertly designed to bring depth and emotion to your compositions.

"Purple Hearts - Trapsoul & RNB" is a versatile tool for crafting your own signature Trapsoul and R&B sound. Whether you're an aspiring artist or a seasoned producer, this pack equips you with the necessary elements to create emotive music that resonates with your audience.

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